If there is one thing you should do at least once, is take a journey to the home of safari, and discover for yourself the beautifully scenic land that inspired hit movies like the Lion King and Out of Africa.

A land of contrasts and diversity, from the snow capped slopes of Mt. Kenya in the cool central highlands, to the sunny snow-white tropical beaches, the rain forests, moors and the Savannah grasslands.

Travel way back in time to witness where it all began, in the land known as the cradle of mankind, where recent fossil evidence suggests that man took his first steps in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Or wander 500 years back in time through the coastal island of Lamu. At least once, immerse yourself in Kenya’s rich cultural heritage, with 42 ethnic groups and each with its own language, traditional cuisines, clothings, traditional arts and crafts, architecture, oral literature and socio-economic activities.

This mix includes the world renown Maasai people, archetypical African warriors with thier long thin muscular physique, clad in bright red robes, and long, red ochre stained hair,  and the coastal Swahili, a unique blend of African, Arab, Persians, Turks, Indians, Portuguese and British cultures brought about by centuries of trade in ivory, slaves and spices.

Renowned for their hospitality, Kenyan people gladly share their culture and way of living with tourists.

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